101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 95

This afternoon, I went to a hot yoga class. The studio space is always an interesting one as (I think?) the protocol is to remain silent, focusing on breath and meditation and inward exploration instead of outward conversation. I sometimes find myself wanting to talk to the people around me but I understand it’s not the best space for that, and rightfully so.

After class, as I was walking home, I noticed that the guy standing beside me at the crosswalk was carrying a yoga mat. I was pretty sure I recognized him from my class. I started talking to him, asking him what he thought of the session. He had really enjoyed it, and he said that he goes to a class every single day. I was instantly impressed by his dedication. He has a bit of a knee injury and he finds that practicing hot yoga really helps to ease the pain.

His name is Arthur and he is my stranger of the day.

Arthur studied in Langara’s Studio 58 — a professional theatre training program. He enjoyed it. I asked him if he was really Arthur or if he was just acting. He looked at me, confused for a moment, and then laughed. “I really am Arthur”, he said.

He just started a new job at a busy restaurant in Gastown. It’s fun but challenging as the atmosphere is constantly busy.

We learned that we live on the same street and are practically neighbours. Our conversation was as short as the walk home but before he had to run off to work, I asked him if he would share a piece of advice.

“Follow your passions but don’t forget to have fun.” Sometimes, even when we’re doing the work of our dreams, we can get caught up in the heat of needing to reach our goals. It’s important to remember to step back and laugh and have a good time along the way.

“See you at yoga”, he said with a smile, as he ran inside to get ready for the busy evening of work.


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