101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 79

Today was a rough day at school. After sitting through two dry economics classes, I needed a break. I went to my favourite grassy patch on UBC’s campus, surrounded with trees and hummingbirds and solitude — normally, at least. I kicked off my shoes and sat alone, eating lunch with intermittent yoga breaks.

As I was sitting and looking up at the trees,  someone walked by, also barefoot. He looked over at me and I said hi. He came and sat down cross-legged across from me. We chatted about the things we enjoy and the things that we’re studying and how we love when they overlap but acknowledge all the while that they not always will. It was only after a few minutes of this that we formally introduced ourselves to each other. His name is Chaz and he is my stranger of the day.

Chaz is studying psychology at UBC. He’s interested in helping people heal, and he’s in awe of all of the different shapes and forms that process can take. One of his favourite forms of healing and restoration is meditation. He explained that he’s been incorporating meditation as a practice in his life for quite some time now. He even helps teach children about how to meditate.

Before encountering Chaz, I had texted a good friend of mine to join me for some tai chi between classes. When my friend arrived, I had an even better idea. The three of us co-created a circuit of peace and wellness: first, I led some yoga flows; then, my friend led us through some tai chi; and, finally, Chaz led us through a meditation circle.

It was spontaneous and wonderful — the perfect way to unwind in the middle of the day. I’m glad to have met Chaz and I hope to bump into him again sometime.



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