101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 68

Today, I was at a park reading a novel in the sun with a friend when a man came and approached us. He asked us how our day was going and then sat down beside us and told us a bit about reflexology. He opened his backpack and pulled out a plastic cup from a lemonade stand, now filled with smooth rocks.

He gave each of us one to try out on our hands and feet. It was interesting and I was a bit skeptical, to be honest. But I wanted to learn more about him and his story. So I asked him to be my stranger of the day and he said sure.

photo 5 (1)

His name is Rick. He’s from Winnipeg but lives in Kelowna. He loves traveling. He loves helping people through reflexology. He loves progress and watching cities grown and develop over time. But he also loves nature.

He used to work in a hospital in Winnipeg back when he was 19. Now, he’s 75 years old and visiting Vancouver. When he came to Vancouver for the first time, he explained that he was completely captivated by it’s beauty. “And it was 10 degrees [Celcius]”, he exclaimed, overjoyed by how warm it was relative to the cold winters of Winnipeg.

His advice? “Do what feels right in your heart, and don’t focus on the ‘what if’s’. What if this, what if that… it’s easy to get stuck in the ‘what if’s’. You should focus instead on what you truly desire”. He also suggested challenging yourself, and not holding yourself back just because something is hard. “There will be lots of naysayers”, he said, “but you just have to ignore them and prove them wrong.”

He said he’s inspired by a Donald Trump quote: “think big, start small, and make it happen.” Sometimes, that’s all it takes.


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