101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 59

Today, I got a chance to chat with one of the campers whom I hadn’t really spoken with personally until now.

I appreciate her humble confidence and her ability to make people smile and laugh. She’s been a great asset to the program so far. Her name is Robyn and she is my stranger of the day.


Robyn’s mom was just eight years old when she immigrated to Canada from Korea. Robyn thinks this is an important place to start her story because it’s so important to remember your roots and where you’re from. She meets with veterans once a month, including Korean war veterans. She tries to remind herself that a lot of people, including her parents, sacrificed a lot in order for her to be living life she gets to live today. And she’s grateful for that.

She told me about how she believes it’s incredibly important to pursue your passions. Find a job that you love. Robyn thinks that good question to ask yourself to determine whether or not you truly love your work is “would I work overtime for this?” or “would I put in extra time for this?” Pretty wise advice, I’d say. Especially coming from a 16 year old.

Robyn loves a lot of things “from pizza to historical fiction”. But one thing in particular she loves is “that first connection you have in a conversation with someone once you find that one thing both of you have in common”. She also told me that she loved being asked to think about what it is that she loves, as she feels more appreciative of everything.

Her advice? Perhaps cautiously and with a hint of irony, she said, “be hesitant with people giving you advice just because you should be doing things for yourself and not what others think is best for you”. She also urged that you should “try to be as positive as you can and make an effort to be nice to people. Because sometimes we forget what the receiving end is like”.


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