101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 55

Today, I got to know one of the campers who I hadn’t yet spoken with. Her name is Amanda. She has a warm presence, a unique leadership style, and a deep love for nature.

She’s still in high school but she has already written a novel. And she wrote it in just one month. She loves writing, and so when I told her about my project she was intrigued and excited to be my stranger of the day. She told me about her plans to start a blog of her own.

Amanda also loves painting. She loves using water colours and acrylics.

She was telling me about how she’d like to paint or somehow capture the setting we were in. It was a natural amphitheatre in the middle of the forest enveloped by the gushing sound of a nearby waterfall. There were moss-covered rocks for chairs, and a mossy, carpet-like floor. It felt like a warm and cozy indoor sanctuary, even though it was outdoors. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced.


When we got back down to the vast field that was our campsite after a walk up to the waterfall, Amanda said, out of the blue, that she had an urge to run across the grass. I couldn’t think of a good reason for why we shouldn’t have done just that. So we sprinted across the field like a couple of little kids entering a race, each stride free but holding all the imperativeness in the world. It was refreshing.


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