101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 48

Today I bumped into my bassoon-playing, corsage-making stranger of the day, Liam, from day 16. I told him I hadn’t yet found my stranger for the day and so we had fun spending a good five minutes trying to find someone together.

Meet Evan. He loves running. Today, he ran a 10 km race and placed first. He’s studying civil engineering at UBC and works as a residence advisor.

photo (9) 2
Evan eating pasta & Liam being silly.

“What else is there?”, he pondered. “I’m pretty simple”, he said, probably modestly given his 10 km accomplishment of the day.

So I asked him what his one piece of advice would be and without taking much time at all to think, he said “go find what you love, and spend time finding it.” I like that he added the latter part. When we see people pursuing the things they love, we’re often seeing them after they’ve reached the end of their pursuit, after what was likely a long search. This can be discouraging, because without seeing and learning about the process that got them there, it can be easy to think that it comes naturally and instantaneously to them. But this is rarely the case. It’s a process, and sometimes finding what you love to do can be far more difficult than it sounds. “Once you find it”, he continued, “give it your all.”

“For you, is it running?”, I asked, curious.

“Yeah”, he said, satisfied. “I also love churros. It goes pizza, running, churros”, he said, smiling. “In that order.” He explained that pizza gives him the energy to run, whereas running is what makes eating churros acceptable.


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