101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 39

The other day, I got a surprise tweet from a fine gal who goes by the name of Shakeira (aka Saschie)

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 11.14.19 PM

And chat, we did. Today we met up for coffee and freshly baked croissants. I tried to pay but she insisted. “If you’re buying 101 coffees, you’re going to be broke by the end of it! Coffee on me.” I couldn’t say no. She’s too sweet.

I could tell she was a fellow interviewer because she wouldn’t stop asking me questions! It was a really cool experience to connect with someone who had worked on a similar project. I finally got her to tell me about herself, though, and thank goodness I did — she’s fascinating. She’s also got an amazing warmth and positive energy to her. Meeting with her was such a privilege and a great start to my day. I’m excited to tell you more about her.

photo (9) copy

Last summer, a good friend of hers asked her: “if you could do could do anything and get paid for it, what would you do?” She said she’d love to sit down and have coffee and conversations with people. It’s something she absolutely adores. So she did, for 33 days. She wrote about it here. I love the way she executed the project. I encourage you to check it out.

She also runs RSVP33 — “a social club that makes making new friends easy.” It’s simple. Sign up with two of your friends, and you’ll get set up with another group of three friends at an intriguing venue with drinks and everything included. Pretty cool, right?

Saschie studied at Simon Fraser University, initially hoping to study medicine and become a doctor. But then she realized it wasn’t for her, and transitioned her way into a communications degree and a different school altogether. Since graduating, she’s been working on different projects and contracts between Vancouver and New York and beyond.

Fun fact: she was a competitive cheerleader for an entire decade. There was also a time in her life when she had a particularly ambitious goal: to do one chin-up. I could totally relate to this as I’ve set a similarly ambitious goal for myself: to do one clap push-up. Anyways, one day, Saschie was at her friend’s place. He had a chin-up bar and she decided to give it a try, just for laughs. But to her amazement, she did it! I guess sometimes, when we have a goal in mind and work towards it, we can sometimes reach it before even realizing.

Two things she loves are social media and her dog, Cedrik Doggery. She showed me a picture of him. When he stands up, he’s as tall as her. He kind of looks like a big black bear.

She’s at an exciting point in her life right now. Even though she’s working on a bunch of different projects and teams, like TEDxVancouver, she’s as close to being what she described as “funemployed” as she’s been in a really long time. But she’s not afraid. She’s excited about all of the opportunity that awaits, and all of the space that’s available to her.

Her advice? Focus on what you’re doing and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Work towards your goals passionately and don’t bother comparing yourself to others. You’ve got this. And, hey… if YOU could do anything and get paid for it, what would you do? With a realistic goal and the right amount of focus, maybe the dream can come to fruition.


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