101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 38

Today I was at the Bike Kitchen trying to find a basket for my bike. Anastasia helped me install a basket and then uninstall it when I decided I actually didn’t like it very much (my bike was having a very real identity crisis after the installation). Anastasia is so patient and thoughtful and she is my stranger of the day.

She was born in Vancouver but her family moved to Texas when she was five. It was a completely different environment. She found that in Texas, people really emphasized family time. There was a deep sense of respect for the elders of the community. Here in Vancouver, she’s noticed we don’t have the same kind of respect for elders, in a general sense. When she was eleven, she moved to Vancouver Island and eventually went on to pursue her undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Victoria.

Anastasia believes in fairies. She used to see them all the time when she was a kid. They were everywhere. Now, she doesn’t see them as much. “But that doesn’t mean they’re not there”, she said, smiling a smile full of glee and wonder.

She loves fantasy and books, and she especially loves fantasy books.

But her favourite thing of all is dance. She loves it even more than she loves bikes (and she loves bikes a lot). She’s been dancing since she was just two years old. Her favourite genre of dance is modern but she’s a ballet dancer as well. Dancing the night away and going out is something she enjoys too, in a spiritual kind of way.

Our conversation ended with a warm hug, with both of us covered a little in black muck from fixing bikes.

I wish she had let me take a picture of her for this post because she looks as cool as she sounds. But here’s a (very poorly executed) photo of her bike. It’s the same mountain bike she had as a kid and it’s a little small but it gets the job done. She’s saving up to build her own road bike one day.

photo (9) 2

Anastasia works incredibly hard to keep bikes happy and healthy. If you look really closely, you can see them smiling.



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