101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 26

I met Tate after the fireworks tonight. He is my stranger of the day. He gave me a ‘thumbs-up’ about every 19 seconds while we were talking, so I thought it would be best to snap a photo of him in the act.

photo (6)

He loves to dance. He’s a hip-hop dancer and his dance “family” (because they’re more than just a team) danced at an international dance competition — like an olympics for hip hop dancing. He used to practice ballet, as well.

He’s studying at Langara College and has always been interested in business. He loves the mentorship models that are encouraged in business and the wisdom that can be passed along through mentorship relationships. “The world would be a better place if everyone had a mentor they could look up to”, he said.

When he was in high school, he served on his school’s sustainability team, giving tours of the school garden and helping plan events to engage others in environmental stewardship.

One time, when Tate and his teammates were planning Vancouver’s annual Earth Day Parade, they built a giant, ~10 ft tall windmill out of recycled pop cans. It was great, except they hadn’t thought to wash the cans before building the wind mill. It reeked! Thankfully, they learned from their mistake the following year.

The other day, he came across a concept called “Chasing the Lion”, which he described as the following: We all have dreams and goals that we chase after — lions, if you will. But we must stop and realize from time to time that no matter how difficult our endeavours, the lions are majestic and that the process of chasing them can be too.



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