101 Days, 101 Strangers, 101 Stories: Day 1

So, I had an idea. I love meeting new people. I love engaging conversations. I love stories. I love having engaging conversations with new people and learning about their stories. Enter project idea: 101 days, 101 strangers, 101 stories. Over tea, coffee, bus rides, over tea and coffee bus rides. Each day, I’ll be documenting a new stranger and a new story.

Day 1: Today, I moved into an apartment studio for the rest of the summer. It needed some cleaning but I didn’t have a vacuum, so I went knocking on my new neighbours’ doors in search of one. Anam, a girl from just down the hall, said I could borrow hers. I told her I had a second request, explained my project idea to her, and then invited her over for evening tea. She looked a little bit confused at first but warmly accepted the offer.

I’m still absolutely stunned at how fascinating and brilliant she is. Tomorrow she has her first day at work at her co-op job, where she’ll be researching and developing hardware for a smartphone app that can test your likelihood of inheriting diseases like breast cancer. Her dad is Pakistani and her mom is Chinese. She was born in Japan and speaks four different languages. She’s an honours biophysics major at the University of British Columbia.

One time, she developed a metronome using coding techniques, but it had a couple of bugs. Basically, she coded for a consistent gap between beats but eventually the gap began decreasing, the pauses between tones were shorter, and there was no longer a gap between one beat and the next. It was kind of like a morbidly melodious rendition of a hospital bed-ridden death. We shared a laugh and kept sipping on our organic coconut cream chais. It was a lovely evening with a lovely human being.

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